Tree Removal Scottsdale AZ


Fully Built & Ranked. Website has been up for 6 months now, is finally starting to get a few leads in per week. The website is on the first page with all top keywords. GMB is ranked 11th. Decided to move on to another business venture.



Website URL:
City/State for your Website: Scottsdale/AZ
Does the Site have a Verified GMB? Yes
Is the price firm or negotiable? Negotiable
What is the Name of the GMB? Tree Removal Scottsdale AZ
How many citations does your GMB have? 210
How much Monthly Income does the site produce? 0
Average # of Leads per Month: 0
Does Your Site Have a Tracking Number? Yes
Is the site fully built with content, citations, and Link Juice? Fully Built & Ranked