Massage Mesa AZ


I actually made this lead gen for a massage therapist friend, but then he stopped his massage practice and didn’t need the leads. I think it would work well as a lead gen for mobile massage therapists. I was thinking about getting a GMB for that and then renting it out. Selling for cheap since its not a normal lead gen category.



Website URL that you want to list:

City/State for your Website: Mesa

Does the Site have a Verified GMB? None

Is the price firm or negotiable? Negotiable

What is the Name of the GMB: Massage Mesa AZ

How many citations does your GMB have? 300

How much Monthly Income does the site produce? 0

Average # of Leads per Month: 1-2

Does Your Site Have a Tracking Number? No

List the keywords on the home page: According to Ahrefs none are on the first page right now, but we’re actually getting a lot of traffic to this website, and even have gotten some leads in the past.

Is the site fully built with content, citations, and Link Juice? Fully Built & Ranked