An accomplished entrepreneur, Hal has led several successful businesses over the past 20 years. After leaving the military in 1997, Hal started working in the digital marketing space. Most recently before working with BAM, he built a successful sales and marketing consulting company where he drove growth B2B strategies for companies in several different industries including Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Technology and SaaS. Hal enjoy sharing his extensive skills and experiences with BAM students and other coaches.
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Currently severing on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He was injuried in 2019 to the point that he was no longer able to work. Using the downtime to his advantage he took it upon himself to learn new skills and started his own digital marketing agency. He joined BAM and has been doing it full time since April 2019 and started coaching a year later.
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A 25+ year sales veteran. Specialized in software and hardware sales in the early on. Touted for having the single largest sale in Gateway computer systems history. Bitten by the entrepreneur bug he went on to own a lucrative furniture store and ins agency. Finding a love for marketing he drove in head first to digital marketing in mid 2010. He identified coaching to be his calling and focused the past five years to developing sales process and prowess of thousands of students world wide. As he say’s Bam “yeah that’s my tribe"! Lets make shit happen!
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He has been involved in sales and marketing for over 15 years. I started coaching sales back in 2012. I coached the top 3 sales teams at my previous employer. Winning every sales trip and smashing company records for sales. I started his digital agency with BAM just shy of 2 years ago and decided to become a BAM coach, it's just what I do. Inspiring others to unlock the best in them. BAM is that group that changes lives. Its definitely taken me to the next level. Let's do this together... BAM!!
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Born in 1990, born in Japan, Wrenn Taylor has been all over as a military brat and raised by a single mother who has struggled to pay bills and keep a roof over their heads. Seeing his mother struggle his whole life, he tried everything: military college regular college, maintenance man, UPS, even online ventures such as e-commerce, surveys, affiliates... nothing has provided the results that online marketing has been able to produce..and now Wrenn wants to help others achieve exactly what has helped him to reach his financial freedom and peace for his family.
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He joined the BAM family in early 2019 with zero prior experience in the marketing world. He made the jump because he was sick of the norm. Working a dead end 9 to 5 with zero freedom. Since then he’s successfully built a digital marketing agency that currently does 5 figures per month and continues to grow. He spends his time as a Coach in BAM because he has a passion for helping people change their reality in a similar way.
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A a 20+ year sales veteran, specializing in software sales and digital marketing. He joined the BAM family as both a member and coach in 2019. Nick divides his time as a BAM coach and marketing Lead Generation websites for his own agency.
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She has been living in the Savannah GA area for 7 years and is originally from SoCal. She's an entrepreneur through and through and a strong believer in personal-development. She's family-oriented, loves her church, and is an outdoor enthusiast. She's always had a heart for helping others and is absolutely pumped about helping you get started in your digital marketing journey.
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He has been in the world of digital marketing for almost 2 years. Prior to getting into digital marketing Larry was a Plant Supervisor in a plywood mill for 3+ years. During his time as a supervisor he learned a lot about the value of building relationships with people and has been able to apply these skills to his digital agency. Larry is continuing the growing his business while helping support his fellow Bammers!
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Before BAM, Jordan worked in various media jobs from writing in the local newspaper, to radio producer, and most recently a local TV news producer in Baton Rouge, LA. He's from New Orleans, so he likes to eat and drink. Who Dat and Geaux Tigers is a way of life. Although, already having built a successful digital marketing agency, he still enjoys learning, building websites, talking with clients, and selling his services. He brings that passion to his work as a coach with BAM and helping change lives.
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Before staring in digital marketing, some would say he was a jack of all trades. He was working as a manager in logistics and retail in corporate America for many year when he realized there had to be better way to support his family -- and then found BAM. Now, on his new path, he brings his strong work ethic, postive attitude, and determination to the BAMFAM to help create success within the community.
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