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Manual Citations

Hand done citations no bots used in the process.

Quick Delivery

8-15 Days Depending on Quanity

80 Citations $60
120 Citations $90
200 Citations $150
240 Citations $180
350 Citations $260

Boost Your Local SEO With Power Local Citation Strong Relevant Local Citations Built to Outshine the Competition

Citations Building is time consuming process and requires a lot of consideration for maintaining quality that yields. Get well researched reliable Local Citations built for your local business completely hands free. With years of experience and continuous testing and upgradation, we can confidently claim ours local citation service to be most eligible Local Citations Service in the market.

Process To Prominence

Step 1

Once your local citation order is submitted with business information, our team validates the information received. We start Citations building if all is good.

Step 2

We filter out your existing citations from your list of local citation sources to make sure you are delivered clean & unique Local Citations.

Step 3

You get the White Label Report for all live local citation listings along with the login information.

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100% Manual Citation Building

No Bots! We are strictly against using any scripts or bots to create Citations. Its a complete Manual Process using our citation sources. We only take enough orders to be able to deliver in time instead of using automated scripts.

White Label Reports

You get complete White Label Reports if you ordering Citations for your client or you simply wish to be a reseller with us. All you need to add is your Branding & you are set to forwards flashy reports to your clients.

Fast Turnaround

We offer a 8 to12-day TAT and strive hard to make sure your job is delivered well before time. A dedicated team of executives enables us to complete citation building quick on our end for any local business.

Authority Directories

Only trusted directories find a place in our list, no shady properties without real following and likewise, our team keeps a tab while researching to add any property which has a live & growing community.

Let Us Take Care Of All Your Local Citation Needs!

The reason, why 100+ agencies trust us for Local Citation Building, our trained in-house team hand, builds every single Directory listing – A peek into Complementary Benefits & Basic Citation Building Practices that go thought ultra tight scrutiny.


Improved Searchability

Local Citation building play an active role in the Local Search rankings along with Google My Business & Map Rankings. It’s in fact, the single major factor which can make or break your Business’ standing in the Local search.


Accurate Contact Details

We take extra care of your Business to ensure exact same business information for Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Zip Code & Website Address. A Consistent NAP is a must-have for Local Business to do better in SERPs & Map Rankings.


Better Prospecting

Currently, we’ve got US, Canada, Australia & UK on our list to bring you country-specific local Business Listing but we are going to add some other countries as well very shortly. Mind you, our list only includes business directories with good authority & standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

A local citation isn’t any mention of your Local business data on the business directories ; it’s any mixture of your organization name, contact number, address, postal or zip code, and site address. Citations in SEO are an integral element in enhancing the regional search results.

Local Citation are just local small business listing on directory sites along with your business information. When users search the web for solutions such as yours, it’s necessary to get correct and precise listings to give your company a competitive edge. It helps with local rankings aswell.

We don’t have a static list for our citations service as all local citations from different countries require various directory listings to be included. We use a big inventory of business directories where some of the local directories are the same across all orders whereas others will be build based on the geographical location of the business. You are more than welcome to specify a list and we will endeavor to get them included

There are several different local citation resources online. Google my business, Bing places, Yahoo local, Yello Pages etc are some of the well known ones. We keep finding new local directories all the time for our citation building service that may be related to your niche or vertical and use them to create citations for our customers. Using local Citation service is essentially your first step in Link Building for your properties and start ranking in search engines.

We only provide high quality local citation services for the following countries;





So if your business is from one of these countries, you can get started right away. Contact our customer service department if you any questions.

There is no upper limit to building local citations and it need be done only one time. You can create as many citations as you wish but a good rule of thumb it to have more than the top 3 in the map pack.

As soon as you get your GMB! If you do it before you get it approved then you run the risk of having to redo your citations.

A new website or GMB can definitely benefit from citation building during the early days. It helps with initial foundational links and brand awareness.

Citations provide localized relevancy, ability and geographical signals that just can not be acquired through traditional backlink campaigns. As part of a well-rounded SEO plan, citation building may indicate the difference between crushing the competition or getting left behind in the dust. Those companies not taking advantage of local citations are at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Some directories will likely wish to confirm your list by phoning your Business number or emailing your email you at a later date. These submissions are typically those which aren’t immediate approval. For agencies, its wise to allow your customers know this if they do get a call its generally only just to confirm the company is present and the information is right concerning them. 

Yes all the citations we build as a part of our citation building service will have consistent NAP information across them to give you the geo relevancy that is required for your business with only using our service one time.

We provide a comprehensive report for all your citations that will include the login details, URLs in a Excel sheet that you can store for your future reference. Our citation service is quite mature based on our extensive experience

We submit all the citations via speed indexing services to get them to go live as soon as possible. Every directory service will have different rules so it may take 1-6 months before they show and only 80% will ever show. This doesn’t mean that they are not live. Unfortunately this is something we cannot control on third-party platforms.

You will receive login details of all the listings when we build citations for your business. You can ask us or make the changes yourself whenever you wish or if you change your location or phone number. You have full control over the citations we build.

Data aggregators are data processing systems that unfold business data on-line. They collect and share business knowledge with a large number of sources, together with search engines like Google. Data aggregators are liable for sending abundant of the info that exists within the native search scheme. They propagate a business’ data to a spread of publication retailerstogether with search engines, social media platforms, review sites, and business directories.

Phone verifications need to be handled by the clients themselves as you may receive a code via phone or email.